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The Road Forward



Part four of my 6-to-60 blog post series on aging and wellbeing. If you missed the three earlier posts they can be found herehere and here.


One of the big challenges in the aging process is avoiding setbacks. Hindrances of any kind be it physical, mental or other can easily move one in reverse. A perfect example can be seen when elderly individuals take a fall they often digress quickly due to additional complications.


Finding your own path in how you to avoid major impediments is key to vibrant living. Granted one can never be full proof in accident prevention. However, there are some elements that if taken seriously can assist in upping your odds in resisting injuries.


  • Apply realistic goals
  • Regular and diverse routines
  • Minimize activities with high risk
  • Think of food as performance enhancing


I’ve talked in a previous post about the need for rational fitness as opposed to exercise programs that trash your body. Simply said look for methods of moving your body that positively influence good body mechanics and overall efficiency of movement. This may not be the latest fitness craze.


Part of the rational fitness philosophy means adhering to regular and varied routines of movement, wrapped up in realistic goals and expectations. Understanding that a mature body requires more attention to maintenance than herculean events.


As I mentioned early on preventing injuries and doing our utmost to not get injured is important as we move up the age ladder. Old school thinking, as in proper warm-ups, moving in alternating exercise patterns and weaving in time off are not to be missed.


In addition, if you participate in high-risk sports like skiing, marathon races and some cross-fit programs prepare yourself properly with good core strength and proper supplementary training. Be prepared for injuries and have a good support team of alternative practitioners who can assist you. Having a back-up team of knowledgeable sources is a plus whether or not you are a fan of risky fitness endeavors. You never know when you might need one.


Lastly, food is power! It needs time and attention. Taking care that you eat real food and cook as many of your own meals is in my mind one of the most important pieces of the aging puzzle.


My current two favorite mottos are:


  1. You can’t outrun a bad diet


  1. Exercise to exercise not to lose weight


None of this is rocket science, but marketers and product sellers would like you to think so. It’s easy to be led off course by the latest gimmick in food advertising. If you’re read my posts before you know I’m a fan of the low-carb, low sugar, high fat way of eating. I find the Weston A. Price philosophy of traditional foods works well for me at my age.


I also respect that individuals might find other nutritional paths equally effective. Find yours and stick with it. Enjoy food with friends and family and make it point to know where your food comes from, preferably not a package.


The road forward is not necessarily a straight line but the more you can find your own toolkit of age resistance rituals the better. Vibrant health has many dimensions and we’re just scratching the surface here, any and all efforts make a difference. The goal is to keep moving forward even if one small step at a time.



Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.


Betty Friedan




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